Award-winning, organic extra virgin olive oil

The name Ecolibor embodies both our commitment to organic agriculture — “ecológico” meaning “organic” in Spanish — and the love we have for our land, Ibor, as in the Sierra de Ibores, which is the bio-diverse region in which our forest of olive trees resides. The result of these two passions is an organic extra virgin olive oil with exceptional characteristics. This includes exactly zero residuals, an acidity of 0.1º, and an intense aroma with a smooth fruity, full-bodied flavor.

Our main secret is truly our care for the land and its trees, as we never use herbicides, pesticides or chemicals, and stringently follow organic agricultural methods. This is followed by the rigorous selection and transportation of the olives to a mill that employs the most modern extraction techniques around.

The 2015, 2016 and 2017 oil harvests accumulate already 9 medals in international competitions, 5 of them being gold medals, not only for their tasting parameters but also for their analytical in polyphenols. The high figures in polyphenols  have allowed us to win three gold medals: two in London and one in Greece,  supported by the Prokopios Magiatis Laboratory of the University of Athens.

Another important component of our formula is our history. We are a family business that began producing organic olive oil in 1998 after recovering this once abandoned olive farm. We began producing olive oil as Ecolibor several years later in 2004 after years of working hard to achieve the aforementioned high level of quality, as well as an official organic seal. In the ensuing years, Ecolibor has prominently positioned itself in markets such as Japan, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands.


We know who’s the true producer of a great olive oil: our trees, and the extra-special care we take of both them and the soil in which they grow. Our forest of olive trees features exceptional biodiversity with rich soils, which we work hard to maintain solely through sheep compost; we never add any type of herbicide, pesticide or chemicals.



100% Cornicabra. We take special pride in this tremendously nutritious oil that strikes a perfect balance between sweet and a pleasant bitterness with notes of green leaves, and a moderate spiciness. The oil, with its distinct aroma of freshly cut grass, is especially stable given its high content of monounsaturated fats (oleic acid and polyphenols). Meanwhile, the subtle spiciness results from the oil’s exceptionally high polyphenol count of 2,115 mg/kg.

La Manzanilla Cacereña. Native to the province of Cáceres, the manzanilla cacereña olive cultivar is very little known in the world given its limited geographical distribution and its low oil yield. Indeed, approximately 10 kilos of olives are needed in order to produce just a liter of oil. The olive features a fatty acid profile with a high ratio of saturated to unsaturated fats, with more than 75% oleic acid — a combination reached by few varietals. These characteristics translate into a high nutritional and therapeutic value, stability against rancidity, and exceptional organoleptic qualities, most notably its extraordinary fruity flavor. Until now, we’ve worked with a blend of manzanilla and cornicabra: the result is a bright and golden-hued oil with intense fruity aromas. It is especially beloved internationally given this fruity flavor, as well as the absence of bitterness.


The olives are harvested directly from the tree canopies, and then transported to the mill in well-aerated baskets within 4-5 hours of being picked.


The mill boasts the most modern of two-phase, cold-extraction equipment, in which no water is regularly added. For this reason, it is also considered an organic system.


The oil is stored in stainless steel containers, and exposed to zero light. Our packaging includes dark-glassed bottles as well as stainless steel bottles in order to best maintain the oils’ properties.

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