Julio Gallego and Olga Jiménez came upon their hillside piece of Extremadura land in 1997. Since then, they’ve had a common goal: to revive the abandoned family property while conserving it to be used for the growth of olive trees. With a desire to educate others about this land, the gifts it offers, and, of course, the olive trees, both Julio and Olga not only produce exceptional olive oil, but also offer visits and tastings.

Both bring with them a robust background that has allowed them to work with the land and produce nutritional and delicious oils. Olga is forestry engineer, meanwhile Julio is a certified olive oil specialist via the Escuela Española de Cata; an olive grower since 1997; and a certified specialist in olive agriculture through the Polytechnic University of Madrid. With their extensive knowledge, they welcome you to join them by visiting and exploring their little piece of essentially virgin paradise.