The Villuercas-Ibores-Jara region, to which our farm in Castañar de Ibor resides, has been declared a UNESCO World Geopark given its diverse flora and flauna. The area spans over 2,500 square kilometers and offers a rich mix of geology, botany, biodiversity, and cultural history that would be impossible to introduce in this too-small space. Located in the eastern part of Cáceres, our corner of Extremadura sits closest to Madrid.

From the incredible Guadalupe Monastery to exploring the region’s wealth of outdoor opportunities, below we present you with key resources to help you maximize your visit to the region.

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Cueva de Castañar de Ibor

Here you will find all the information you might need to book your visit to this curious cave. Note that you must make your reservation in advance.

Chorrera de Calabazas

Translated as Pumpkin Spout, this tiny waterfall is located in our local Castañar de Ibor, and runs through a valley of chestnut and oak trees. Geology lovers will be particularly fascinated by what can be discovered here; find out more on this blog.

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La Dehesa de Peraleda de San Román

This natural wonderland of unique rock formations is located in the municipality closest to our estate.

Vivencia Dehesa (Finca Valdepajares de Tajo)

This stop is a must-not-miss visit for bird lovers. Numerous educational workshops are organized here, ranging from birdwatching to horse activities, and other excursions. Find more info here, or make a reservation (which is required in advance) by contacting

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Other Resources

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