EARLY HARVEST ~ October 2016


In our effort to continually improve, this year we made an early-harvest blend of manzanilla and cornicabra, as well as cornicabra monovarietal. And our efforts have paid off with both oils receiving awards. The first — the manzanilla/cornicabra blend — won the silver medal in the Italian contest Biol Novello. Meanwhile, our single-variety cornicabra won the 2016 gold medal from ECOTRAMA.

Ecolibor’s research process involved working with 100% early-harvest cornicabra olives. Our objective has focused around achieving the highest possible level of polyphenols — and that’s just we what we’ve managed to do!

Our cornicabra has a polyphenol count of 2.115 mg/kg (see analysis)

To achieve this, the olives has been harvest while still green, and the oil extracted within just a few hours, and using only the most modern extraction techniques. Additionally, our 0.1º acidity remains without any trace of debris whatsoever. The resulting, limited-production oil has an intense fruity aroma and a spicy flavor. 

What are polyphenols and why are they so important? Read and learn more on our polyphenol page.

Ecolibor Gold

100% cornicabra early harvest

The 2017 harvest has received three golden medals due to its high polyphenols content ( natural antioxidants), positioning us again with the number of 2000 mg/kg, and this time with the number of 2.115 mg/kg. These figures are analyzed by the Greek Laboratory Prokopios Magiatis.

Our cornicabra harvest collected green, will be bottled in 250 ml within a very limited series of 2.000 units, being labelled and numbered by hand. Its production and bottled will be done only by order.

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